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Dance Dance Noodlution (Movement Song) with Noodle Loaf

You’ve probably danced with your feet, hips, and knees, but have you danced with your belly button? How about your eyeballs or cheeks? Noodle Loaf podcast creator and early childhood music specialist Dan Saks provides an opportunity to get those parts dancing with Dance Dance Noodlution, a creative movement game for kids that’s all about body isolation.

dance with your hair
dance with your bellybutton
The Noodle Loaf music podcast for kids ages 3-9 years old. We’re supporters of their work on Patreon. Here’s their Dance Dance Noodlution episode: Winky Dinky Little Pinky.

File under: Activities, play, games, dance, movement, rhythm, and made for kids. And in case you missed it, watch Video Playdate, an Echo Song from Noodle Loaf.

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