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Dance Robot Dance! A Noodle Loaf movement song

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Attention, robots! You now have two settings: When you hear the music, dance your best robot dance. When the music stops, turn into whatever thing or creature is named. Noodle Loaf podcast host and creator Dan Saks demonstrates Dance Robot Dance, a fun movement song that lets your robots turn into anything you can imagine.

This creative movement game gets kids and their grown-ups trying out dance moves with specific parameters (move like a robot) and fully open-ended prompts (make a shape like grass). When a child holds a shape while dancing it creates body awareness and builds strength, coordination and endurance. But just as importantly, it makes them giggle

And once you know the pattern, you can play this game anywhere, screens or no screens. In the park, on the beach, in your bedroom… now you are a squirrel, or a toaster, or a crayon, or a clock. The possibilities are endless.

now you are an ice cream
The Noodle Loaf music podcast for kids ages 3-9 years old. We’re proud supporters of their work on Patreon.

You might recognize The Robot Dance from their Video Playdate episode or their fun I Run On Grapes episode:

And in case you missed it: Dance Dance Noodlution.

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