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The Artist Who Couldn’t Draw

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“Once upon a time, there was a man who was very creative. He just loved to make things, all kinds of things… But he had a secret he’d never shared…”

Roger didn’t like his drawings. He didn’t feel that he had any drawing talent. But then a girl named Zoe moved next door and handed him a magic black pen.

This is the story of The Artist who Couldn’t Draw, an animated short by author and artist Danny Gregory. It’s, in fact, Gregory’s story of how he “overcame his block — and changed his life forever.”

Zoe’s magical instructions:

“You can draw anything you want with this pen. But it only works if you use it every single day till the next full moon… Just hold the pen in your hand. Look at something you want to make a picture of and the pen will start to draw… just slow down, be patient, and wait for the magic to happen.”

magic marker
“If you liked this story,” Danny Gregory write, “please share it with someone who could use it.”

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Bonus: Drawing videos.

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