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Danny the orphan koala plays with his carer

Danny was just 600 grammes when he was found abandoned on side of the road.

At this stage of life in the wild, joeys would be spending nearly all the time clinging to their mothers back, so Danny is given a koala teddy bear for comfort and to help relieve stress from being without his mother. Danny requires round-the-clock care and almost constant attention.

His carers hope he will grow enough to move to the outside enclosure with the older orphaned Koalas, Puddles and Tilley.

To prepare Danny for that future, carer Simone Thompson feeds him every two hours, day or night. She also makes sure he gets the exercise he needs to eventually climb trees. This night-vision video from the BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans shows us his night time walkabout routine.

Next: A Joey moves in its pouch at the Taipei Zoo, Yabbra the koala runs down a hallway, Kangaroo Dundee and his baby kangaroos, and rescuing a tiny, orphaned, newborn two-toed sloth.

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