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David Letterman’s Late Night Suits of Physics

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In 1984, talk show host David Letterman attempted to hang around his television studio in a suit of Velcro, the space-age invention that fastens with hooks and loops.

Velcro USA‘s director of industrial sales also visits to share some Velcro history and a few items that show off the product’s stickability. Note: The video very briefly features a realistic-looking toy gun. As a finale, Letterman jumps onto a trampoline and sticks to the Velcro wall.

ready to jump
This Late Night video takes us back to an era when Letterman wore a variety of suits that celebrated physics, from sponges to rice crispies, to potato chips and to alka seltzer — with the help of an oxygen mask to shield him from the carbon dioxide being released from the tablets.

Another favorite: Letterman in a suit of magnets:

a suit of magnets (and cans)

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Thanks, @jimbrayton.

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