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Decorating 11 spring green plant cookies with royal icing

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Outlining, flooding, and layering: These techniques help make these spring green plant cookies into edible illustrations. Grace Gaylord, the self-taught cookie artist behind The Graceful Baker YouTube channel, demonstrates 11 potted plant designs, accompanied by 15 minutes of calming music.

Watch as she paints, smooths, splatters, and crackles the royal icing, an activity that took her around one hour and 15 minutes in real time.

cactus plant cookies
Pilea peperomioides plant cookies
The plants, in order: Ficus, fiddle-leaf, a cactus, two cacti, Pilea peperomioides, monstera, Alocasia amazonica ‘Polly’, snake plant, hanging pothos, potted pothos, and aloe. The cookies were cut with the KaleidaPlant Collection Cookie Cutter Set.

monster plant cookies
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