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Deep Dive Dubai, the world’s deepest pool

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An oyster-shaped building in the city and emirate of Dubai hid its incredible engineering secret until it was completed in 2021: Deep Dive Dubai, a 60 meter (197 foot) deep pool that divers of all experience levels can explore in different ways. The B1M provides this video tour.

“Nodding to the country’s pearl-diving history and covering an area of more than 1,500 square metres, it houses increasingly deeper pool levels, all culminating in a shaft that extends 18 stories below the surface.”

This “pools within pools” design is common for these record-breaking feats of engineering, a design that can withstand the pressures of those depths.

Deep Dive Dubai's pool design

“Normally only blue and green light wavelengths can penetrate this deep, but way-finding lights and speakers help provide visibility the whole way down.

“There are also 56 underwater cameras – partly for safety but also playing a feed on screens around the building and capturing the experience for divers to take home once they resurface.”

Deep Dive Dubai

“Speaking of resurfacing, the facility includes a hyperbaric chamber that can be used to treat decompression sickness for up to 10 people at a time…

“The pool is not just a tourist attraction, it’s also now the Middle East’s largest underwater film studio – complete with edit suites and video galleries – and a global research site for divers to develop their skills.”

Deep Dive Dubai’s low-promotion approach to its construction also allowed it to easily surpass the record-holder: Poland’s 45 meter (148 foot) deep Deepspot pool, completed in December 2020.

Deep Dive Dubai
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