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The Amazing Life of Sand – Deep Look

There’s a story in every grain of sand: tales of life and death, fire and water. If you scooped up a handful of sand from every beach, you’d have a history of the world sifting through your fingers. From mountain boulders to the shells of tiny ocean creatures, follow the journey that sand takes through thousands of years across entire continents to wind up stuck between your toes.

Take a closer look at the big picture of our world by focusing on something very small: sand. This is episode 2 of our favorite new web series Deep Look: The Amazing Life of Sand. Bonus vocab list: Foraminifera, ooid, and accretion.

And if you missed it, be sure to watch their first episode about these (adorable) masters of camouflage: Pygmy Seahorses.

via @PBSDS.

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