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Studying the deep sea octopus Opisthoteuthis “Adorabilis”

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From Science Friday‘s The Macroscope, Post Doctoral Researcher Stephanie Bush of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) introduces us to a tiny Opisthoteuthis deep-sea octopus, a creature that’s in the same family as the Dumbo Octopus Grimpoteuthis, as well as the same genus as the flapjack octopus Opisthoteuthis californiana, (which you might know from the movie Finding Nemo). From Discover Magazine:

Researchers have been collecting and studying these unidentified cephalopods since 1990, but no one undertook the exhaustive process to scientifically identify them. Scientists need to study newly discovered creatures — inside and out — to clearly describe how they are unique from other species that may be closely related. New species identifications, including a name, are then published as articles in scientific journals.

Due to her work, Bush has exclusive naming rights. “As someone who is describing the species you get to pick what the specific name is. One of the thoughts I had was making it Opistoteuthis adorabilis – because they are just, yeah, really cute.” Watch the video above and see if you agree.

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