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Demolition Dinosaur (with googly eyes) at the Yale Peabody Museum

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It’s not too hard to imagine a destructive dinosaur on a rampage when watching excavators and diggers on large construction sites. But have you ever imagined them with googly eyes? Now you don’t have to imagine.

With a painted green head and white teeth, and massive googly eyes, this structure-crushing excavator is ready to make the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History proud. Chris Meyer of Turner Construction filmed this delightful one minute video during a demolition phase of the museum’s renovation.

demolition dinosaur with googly eyes
But what species is this dinosaur? From the Yale Peabody Museum’s Instagram team:

“Genus is Krushasaurus. Still working out the species. Any thoughts?”

What would you name this animal? And why aren’t all excavators painted like this? Just look at those eyes jiggle.

demolition dinosaur
Visit, as well as their Peabody@Home lesson plans and activities for all ages.

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