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Denha’s Noisy Marble Machine

Toyoyama, Japan-based marble machine-maker Denha spends almost ten minutes documenting his complex and noisy marble machine. It’s a mix of wooden lifts, brass wire ramps, and turning pieces powered by a motor. Though observing the machine in the first minute feels sufficient at first, the machine’s more intricate interactions are revealed in the additional minutes.

Denha marble machine
Denha is an experienced maker. In this 2011 video, via Make, he diligently filmed four years of his marble rollercoaster creations:

To explore engineering, physics, and tinkering first-hand, we highly recommend these laser-cut birch wood Marbleocity kits. They’re super fun.

Related marble machine and engineering videos include steel track rolling ball sculptures by kinetic artist Tom Harold, COS & Snarkitecture’s Loop, Marble Mountain, and Paul Grundbacher’s wooden marble machines.

via The Awesomer.

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