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The Kid Should See This

Diffusion Choir, a flock of 400 kinetic origami elements

Four hundred motorized origami elements echo the movement of an invisible flock of birds. The piece, titled Diffusion Choir, is made from Tyvek fabric hexagons that furl and unfurl like umbrella canopies around 1800 times a day. Driven by a flocking algorithm, the pattern of their flight path constantly changes.

Diffusion Choir was created by art and technology studios Sosolimited, Hypersonic, and Plebian Design to celebrate the beauty of collaboration for a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based client. Go behind the scenes in their Making of Diffusion Choir vid:

Also from Plebian: Breaking Wave, An anamorphic kinetic sculpture.

Plus: Shylights, Blooming silk light sculptures at the Rijksmuseum and The ORBIS FLY kinetic light system at the Leningrad Center.

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