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Dinosaurs Among Us – AMNH

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Dinosaur nests, eggs, and babies, dinosaur feathers, dinosaur brains and lungs, and dinosaur bones, beaks, and claws all provide evidence that birds are living dinosaurs. In this video from the American Museum of Natural History, scientists explain the connections that suggest that dinosaurs did not go extinct.

And from the animation below: Transformation – Dinosaurs to Birds:

Based on recent scientific research that examines fossils using new technologies, the transformation story unfolds as low-polygonal silhouettes of dinosaurs morph from ground-dwelling animals into flight-capable birds.

The mass extinction that erased most dinosaurs 65 million years ago left a few bird lineages unscathed. Within only 15 million years all of our familiar bird groups were flourishing. These extraordinary living dinosaurs provide a vivid link to the ancient past.

The Museum’s new exhibition, “Dinosaurs Among Us,” explores the continuities between living dinosaurs—birds—and their extinct ancestors, showcasing remarkable new evidence for what scientists now call one of the best-documented evolutionary transitions in the history of life.

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