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How to make a paper umbrella that opens and closes

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With two square sheets of paper, a paper rectangle, glue, scissors, and some precision folds, you can make a paper umbrella that opens and closes. This Easy Paper Crafts paper umbrella video demonstrates each step.

Paper dimensions include two 20×20 centimeter (7.8 inch) pieces of paper, one 10×20 centimeter (approximately 4 by 7.8 inch) piece of paper for the umbrella handle, and a few long thin paper scraps, as shown.

folding the first circle
matching folded circles
Try using other square sizes to see how large or small your umbrellas can be. Any colors or decorative print papers can be used, too, including your own handmade designs.

The internet also has variations of this project. Some videos suggest curving the umbrella handle at the bottom, others use sticks instead of rolled paper. There are also videos that glue small folded paper decorations between each exterior fold to create a ruffled edge. Try your own ideas, too.

paper umbrellas
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