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DIY Solar Oven, a Kazoo How-To

Melt s’mores, grill a grilled cheese, or bake some apples using heat from the sun. This DIY Solar Oven how-to video from Kazoo magazine demonstrates how you can make a heat-trapping container with some recycled boxes, black tape, aluminum foil, newspaper, pipe cleaners, and glass from a frame. Then they bake up some brownies (using pasteurized eggs).

In their 13th issue, The Great Green Issue, Kazoo shares step-by-step instructions and a recipe for solar oven peach crisp. Plus:

You’ll get inspiration from climate activist Greta Thunberg and hear thrilling stories from the rain forest canopy from famed ecologist Nalini Nadkarni. You’ll also build a sun-powered oven with solar engineer Richa Pandey; start a baby sea turtle safety squad with marine biologist Ayana E. Johnson; learn about climate change (in a not-at-all-scary way) with climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe; make an easy, Earth-friendly chilled berry soup with chef Mollie Katzen, author of the Moosewood Cookbook; get inspiration from sustainable dressmaker Christy Dawn; do a flower experiment with community garden educator LaShaun Ellis; find new ways to honor Mother Earth with activist Winona LaDuke; turn some old cans into art fit for a queen (literally) with British artist Ann Carrington; and read the sweetest short story ever by Elisabeth Egan. Plus, we’ve got hours more worth of activities, comics, games and fun—perfect for summer reading!

Solar ovens aren’t only a fun science experiment. They can really be used as an alternative to a gas or electricity-powered oven. See Moses build a solar oven using a tire.

Plus: How to make a Moser Lamp.

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