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How to make a Wildlife Camera (using a Raspberry Pi)

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Watch Maddie Moate make a weatherproof wildlife camera to observe all of the birds in her parents’ back yard. It’s made with Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Pi Zero W-compatible camera module. And you can make your own with these instructions. Maddie writes:

For a long time I’ve really wanted to get stuck in with a Raspberry Pi project and the My Naturewatch Camera has been something I’ve been meaning to make for AGES. This video is a detailed step by step instructional video, something that I couldn’t find online. So I hope that this, alongside the amazing website, will encourage you to build your own and get spying on your local wildlife!

There are Infrared Night Camera Instructions on the site, too.

naturewatch camera diy video
naturewatch camera diy
Add some history to this DIY camera project with Photography, from camera obscura to camera phone from TED Ed, and SFMoMA’s Pioneers of Photography video series.

Then watch more videos about birding, including Learning To Fly, a StoryCorps animation with birder Drew Lanham.

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