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Dolphins swim off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

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For a wordless minute and a half, this pod of dolphins crests and dives uninterrupted in the crystal blue waters of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. The marine mammal footage was captured by CBS Sunday Morning videographer Lee McEachern.

There are around nine species of dolphins seen around Baja. The most common are the long-beaked common dolphin and the common bottlenose dolphin, likely the species seen in the video.

dolphins swim just below the water's surface
Both species are intelligent, curious, and playful in nature. Their social behaviors make them popular subjects for wildlife enthusiasts and marine biologists in the region. From WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation:

“If you are a bottlenose dolphin, your family and friends are vital. You rely on them for companionship and fun, and they also help you to find and catch food. They babysit your kids when you need to scope out new hunting grounds, and they will rally round when you are sick. Although some individuals choose to live alone, by far the majority are highly social and will also associate with other species of dolphins, whales and even sharks and turtles. Some even cooperate with humans to catch fish.”

a pod of dolphins
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