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Down Syndrome, an explainer from Just Like You Films

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Chromosomes, DNA, and genes work together to help make each of us who we are. Think of a chromosome as a recipe book in each cell of our bodies. Within them are segments of DNA molecules called genes, the inherited recipes in our recipe book. Our genes determine things like gender, eye color, hair color, how tall we might grow, facial features, how well our memory works, whether we’re right-handed or left-handed, and so much more.

“Within each cell, most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46, but a person born with Down syndrome has an extra chromosome.”

Talking about chromosomes
In this 14-minute PSA from Just Like You Films, teens Elyssa, Rachel, and Sam talk about Down syndrome with their friends Savannah, Bobby, and Brett Lynn. Learn about some of the science, history, physical challenges, and misunderstandings about Down syndrome. Plus, hear their personal stories to better understand their condition, and what you can do to support them and be a friend.

“Each of our stars has their own talents, characteristics, strengths, and challenges. Down syndrome is just one part of who they are and this film identifies how to handle and accommodate differences while celebrating the many similarities our friends with Down syndrome have with their peers.”

Playing basketball

“Kids are naturally curious and the special needs of peers with Down syndrome can raise a lot of questions. When questions are left unanswered it can lead to fear of the unknown, which may cause peers to lash out, ostracize or judge their classmates with Down syndrome. Just like You, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which makes films to answer kids’ questions about unique circumstances.”

curtain call

“The film’s primary goal is to open hearts and change perspectives because, ‘when you have the knowledge you understand, and when you understand you can accept that kids with Down syndrome just want to be treated like any other kid, just like you.’”

The film was made in collaboration with the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City “with the hopes it will be utilized as a tool by parents and educators to open the door to inclusion, acceptance and friendships.”

World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21st.

To learn more, check out the World Down Syndrome Day Resource Hub, as well as Preferred Language in Reference to Down Syndrome.

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