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Driving on Air – Inventor Raul Oaida and his LEGO car

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From The Adaptors, Flora Lichtman talks with 21 year old Romanian inventor Raul Oaida, who has built a jet-engine bike, a tiny spaceship, and a 500,000 brick LEGO car that is powered by air. How does it work?

“We have compressed air stored in bottles in the back. The air pushes down the pistons and makes the whole thing go, so instead of burning gasoline, it just releases air.

But it’s almost inconsequential what the car is physically. The LEGO car is a physical token of what’s possible in the connected world where we have all of these people connecting together… and proving a point. And in our case, the point was that you can build an eco-friendly car our of toy pieces, and we wanted to bring attention to air powered cars because most people have no idea that this stuff is actually out there.”

The Adaptors is a podcast about the farmers, coastal-dwellers, scientists, corporate leaders, garage tinkerers, and DIY inventors that are inventing and embracing new ideas and technologies in green living. They’ve also made a few awesome videos.

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