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Music From a Dry Cleaner by sound designer Diego Stocco

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Does music always have to be made by official instruments? Or can we find tunes, melodies, and rhythms in the environments around us? Can small machines make music? How about at the dry cleaner?

Watch this video: Music From a Dry Cleaner, a creative experiment from sound designer and composer Diego Stocco

Almost everyday, on my way to a local bakery, I walk in front of a dry cleaners. When they have the front door open, I hear a lot of interesting sounds coming from their work equipment. Eventually, the different mechanical and steam sounds sparked something in my mind, so one day I asked the owners if I could record a piece of music by using their machines as musical instruments.

I used a puff iron, press and dry cleaning machines, a washer, clothes hangers, and a bucket full of soap. The bass and lead sounds were created from the buzzing tones coming from the conduits and engines. There are no additional sounds from any traditional or electronic instruments. Enjoy!

diego stocco creates music at the local dry cleaner
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Via SwissMiss.

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