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Dumpling Time! (만두먹방) – A Day of Us

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Happy nom nom sounds and constant sharing make this sweet animation from Los Angeles-based animator Miyoung Kim a complete delight. Dumpling Time! (만두먹방) is a short in her animated series titled A Day of Us (우리의 하루). Each episode is about a dog and cat who appreciate everyday activities together.

In an email to TKSST, Kim explains that the characters are inspired from her noticing the everyday kindnesses and funny moments that occur between her and her husband:

He does small things like putting his food on my plate, cleaning up a spot where I’m going to sit or covering the spot with a small handkerchief, remembering all the trivial things I said, and keeping the promises he made with me.

He is not a perfect person. He makes mistakes a lot and makes me upset frequently but we know that we are going to be together as long as possible. I often thought about how this deep trust was built between us and realized that it didn’t need a big sacrifice or determination.

Maybe what makes people love and trust each other is such small behaviors and cute foolish mistakes.

I wanted to talk about what I realized but because I am not the person who likes to talk, I decide to make just a simple, silly animation.

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