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Easy Greens and Feta Pie, a PBS Food recipe

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Eat more greens—almost any leafy greens that you have available to you—and then encase them in a delicious puff pastry, phyllo, or olive oil-based crust.

This PBS Food video by award-winning documentary filmmaker and food writer Aube Giroux shares how to make an easy and flexible greens and feta pie. It’s one of the many garden-driven recipe ideas from her Kitchen Vignettes home cooking video series.

adding feta

This dish is inspired by Mediterranean green pies like Spanakopita, Hortokopita, and Torta Pasqualina. My version is adaptable to whichever greens are available to you. If you’ve got tons of spinach, use that. If you only have wild greens, that’s fine.

Each pie I make is a little different from the last, depending on what’s available to me. In fact, I never measure the ingredients when I make this pie (though I finally had to so I could share it with you…). It’s a very forgiving and versatile pie.

a mix of wild and garden greens

One thing to note though, you’ll see I used some baby kale in the video version, I find that a little bit of baby kale is ok but that kale is generally not ideal in this pie, it’s a bit too tough. Greens like chard, spinach, lambsquarters are ideal because they’re so tender when cooked, they really melt in your mouth.

Greens and Feta Pie
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