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The Kid Should See This

MBARI’s eerie critters from the deep sea

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‘Tis the season for some eerie, potentially scary creatures with toothy grins. From the team at MBARIdeep-sea fish with some serious-looking teeth. Glowy

Anoplogaster cornuta (Fangtooth)
Listed in the order they appear: Aristostomias scintillans (Shiny loosejaw), Anoplogaster cornuta (Fangtooth, above), Tactostoma macropus (Longfin dragonfish), Chaenophryne, Chauliodus macouni (Viperfish), Tactostoma macropus (Longfin dragonfish), Chauliodus macouni (Viperfish), Tactostoma macropus (Longfin dragonfish, below).

Tactostoma macropus (Longfin dragonfish)
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