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The Egg Wizard, a DIY LEGO and cardboard egg-decorating machine

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Stuck at home and looking to create some entertainment for themselves, British artist and inventor Tom Lawton came up with an adhoc machine for decorating eggs. He calls it the Egg Wizard and demonstrates how to make it in the video above. He writes:

“I want to inspire kids that you don’t always have to go to the shops to buy toys and making your own can be both rewarding and fun, so I hope the video above explains in enough detail how to go about making your own Egg Wizard. I’d love to see your results, so please tag me on social media with #eggwizard.”

Find Lawton on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

tom lawton and child
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Egg Wizard:
• LEGO, including four large wheels
• Some hard-boiled eggs. (Will emptied shells work?)
• Fat felt tip pens, or try crayons or color pencils
• Some cardboard
• An elastic band / hair band
• Scissors and a knife
• A pencil and tape
• Uncooked spaghetti
• A remote-controlled car or an electric screwdriver. Don’t have those? Use your hand or try a LEGO motor.

Don’t have eggs? What do you have? Could the Egg Wizard be a Tree Ornament or Ping Pong Ball Wizard instead? Build, decorate, and experiment with other items to modify your invention.

building an egg wizard
egg wizard demonstration
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Thanks, @swissmiss.

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