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Poo Paper: How to make paper out of elephant poo

Elephant Poo Paper! Elephant dung is ideal for making paper. Indonesia’s Taman Safari Park, for example, demonstrates this by upcycling a daily total of 2.5 tons – yes, that’s 2.5 tons of Sumatran Elephant dung every day – to make compost and all sorts of gift shop goods. From Reuters, via Inhabitat:

Zookeepers first wash and boil the dung, which sterilizes it, removes microbes, and separates the undigested hay from the dung. The mixture is then blended into a pulp with other paper waste, much like traditional paper. The workers then spread the mixture into sheets and allow for it to dry.

The paper is then used for books, posters and photo frames that are printed with safari-themed print and sold in the gift shop. The safari park also hopes that by recycling this poo, the products made will bring attention to how important these animals are and help to safeguard them against poaching.

elephant poop
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