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How to make paper out of elephant poo at Thailand’s Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park

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Elephant Poo Paper! Elephant dung is ideal for making paper. Thailand’s Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park, for example, demonstrates this by upcycling their Indian Elephant dung to make compost and all sorts of gift shop goods.

elephant poop is full of fibers
Maddie Moate and Greg Foot visited the Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park to see how this fiber—encased in 15-20 dung droppings every day by every elephant at the park—can be transformed into colorful sheets of paper. From Atlas Obscura:

“Making paper from elephant poop is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree-based products. By not using trees, it helps reduce deforestation and makes sure the abundance of animal waste isn’t wasted. The paper is entirely sanitary and stink-free…”

poop chef Greg

“The process of transforming elephant poop into everyday paper is actually pretty straightforward. Once workers have scooped the poop and gathered it, they then wash the waste so that only the plant fibers remain. The fibers are then boiled and sanitized, then mixed with other non-wood pulp fibers. Finally, the intriguing mixture is screened and dried, just like typical wood-based paper has been for thousands of years.”

making paper from wet fibers
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