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Emperor penguin chicks defend against a giant petrel

How can a group of emperor penguin chicks protect themselves against predators as they take their first journey to the water without their parents? They create a defensive circle, stand as tall as they can, and peck as much as possible. Also: A feisty Adélie penguin might come and help.

See what happens when a giant petrel attacks the young penguins in this clip from Spy in the Snow. David Tennant narrates the series featuring cameras disguised as animals.

Behind nature’s magical winter wonderland are some of the toughest places on earth to survive. Hidden cameras in a new generation of Spy Creatures, and the return of some old friends, reveal the fascinating behaviours of animals from penguins to parrots, polar bears to otters, wallabies and wombats.

Previously: The animatronic animals of Spy in the Wild and The Best Bloopers from Penguins – Spy in the Huddle.

Plus: More penguin videos, including these: Emperor Penguins keep warm in an ever-shifting huddle and How does a penguin launch itself from the sea?

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