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Envisioning Beautiful Chemistry: Bubbling

This series of short, artful science videos captures chemical reactions that generate gases, and the bubbles that those gases make their escape within. Beautiful Chemistry: Bubbling was filmed by Beauty of Science, a video team based in China that aims to create inspiring content for science education and outreach. Watch four bubbling reactions above. Related reading: Cathode and anode electrodes.

In Envisioning Chemistry: Bubbling II, we observe eight gas-generating reactions up close with the help of a macro lens:

Five rather stunning bubbly reactions were recorded with a microscope and set to calming music in Envisioning Chemistry: Bubbling III.

Watch these next: Metal crystals forming in time lapse, Crystallization2, a 4K macro time lapse, Elemental Burning, and Beautiful Chemical Reactions, their debut film.

Bonus: More chemistry videos and more bubble videos.

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