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Everything Is Chemical: Exploring the Science of Agriculture

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Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. We’re mostly composed of these four elements. And so is your favorite animal and the best shady tree to sit under during the summer. All living organisms, including plants and animals, are mostly made of these chemical building blocks of life.

human body's four main elements
Everything is Chemical, an animation from New Mexico State University‘s Learning Games Lab, explains how these elements “underlie everything around us.”

That’s why chemistry is such a valuable tool for agricultural, environmental and food scientists. When growing plants and animals, you’re working with chemistry and chemical bonds.

This video is one in a series from, which includes more media that helps teach math and science concepts related to agriculture, the “practice of cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock.”

detritus that add chemicals
inorganic matter
Related reading from the American Chemical Society: Celebrating Chemistryβ€”Earth Day 2017 (English) [pdf] and Celebrating Chemistryβ€”Earth Day 2017 (Spanish) [pdf].

Plus: International Year of Soils Educational Material.

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