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The Kid Should See This

Evolution, a vibrant mantis-filled music video

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A note for anyone who experiences photosensitive epilepsy: The video contains flashes and pulsating light patterns.

Created for the song by Aedan and directed by French video artist Thomas Blanchard, this vibrantly lit music video for Evolution features mantises, millipedes, a Rhinoceros beetle, some unlucky feeder insects, and time-lapse clips of blooming orchids. From the director’s site:

Weeks of filming in a vacuum with a plethora of insects and plants to better understand their mechanism and interactions. The result is a striking spectacle where one can observe life with a new eye.

flower mantis
The short was shot in 8K with macro lenses, then edited in 4K. Find more of Blanchard on Vimeo and Instagram.

rhinoceros beetle
Watch another dramatic insect video from Blanchard: -N- Uprising.

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via Colossal.

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