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The Kid Should See This

How to make bouncing eggs, an ExpeRimental activity

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Bounce, crack, dissolve, and make things a bit squidgy with stuff that’s already around the house! from The Royal Institution is a classic for all ages: Olympia and her daughters, Viola and Elodie, explore what happens when eggs are exposed to a few household liquids, including two acids: orange juice and vinegar.

Trying science experiments with kids doesn’t need to be complex or expensive, and The Royal Institution’s ExpeRimental videos give us a lot of great ideas for easy hands-on experiments at home or in class, including our favorite: How to Make Balancing Sculptures.

Be sure to try all of the experiments in the archives, including The Stacked Ball Drop, How to Make a Homemade Vortex Cannon, How to Make Your Own Wave Machine Physics Demo, and of course, The Naked Egg Experiment.

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