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Microwave cupcakes in a mug, an easy chemistry experiment

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In this super easy and engaging ExpeRimental science experiment for kids (and adults who want a cylindrical pancake with their morning coffee), we learn how to make microwave cupcakes… or really, mug-cakes.

And what happens if we leave one ingredient out? By not adding baking soda, or an egg, or the oil, you can investigate the chemistry of these microwave cupcakes by comparing the results.

microwave cupcakes - leaving out ingredients
Download the microwave cupcakes recipe card and info sheet (both pdfs), and maybe add some bananas, or dried cranberries, or chocolate chips, or some oats, or thinly-sliced apples… for scientific purposes, of course.

microwave cupcakes
The Royal Institution‘s ExpeRimental series is produced and directed by Alom Shaha, who also collaborates on excellent classroom science demo videos.

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