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The Kid Should See This

Explore the Miniatur Wunderland model railway with Google Maps

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In the miniature train game, Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland is a big deal. It is the largest model railroad in the world, all HO scale, and it continues to grow. By 2020, ten new sections will be added to the already impressive exhibit of 930 trains, 3,660 buildings and bridges, 335,000 lights, 228,000 trees, 8,850 cars, and 215,000 human figurines.

And now we can see it from the comfort of our homes with Google Street View. From Google:

…to capture the nooks and crannies in Miniatur Wunderland, we worked with our partner at Ubilabs to build an entirely new—and much smaller—device. Tiny cameras were mounted on tiny vehicles that were able to drive the roads and over the train tracks, weaving through the Wunderland’s little worlds to capture their hidden treasures.

Ride the rails of fictional Knuffingen, witness a bike race in Austria, visit a mini-Grand Canyon, and more.

Follow this with a video about Northlandz, New Jersey’s huge railway exhibit.

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