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Explore wastewater treatment with LeVar Burton

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Update: Due to a legal dispute between public broadcast station WNED and LeVar Burton’s RRKidz, new Reading Rainbow videos have been removed from YouTube. I’ve updated it with a temporary video. Watch while you can!

How do we use technology to transform human waste into water that we can drink? This Reading Rainbow field trip is an excellent introduction to how we use bacteria, solar power, oxygen, gravity, chlorine, and more to reuse what we flush down the toilet: Explore the Process of Wastewater Treatment with LeVar Burton.


“Every single day, Americans send a lot of water and waste down the drain…26 BILLION to be exact! Join Burton and Reading Rainbow as they visit Hill Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the most technologically advanced wastewater treatment facilities in the world. Take a behind the scenes look at how quickly dirty water can be transformed back into drinking water…say what?! That’s right, you will learn the process for how wastewater can be cleaned and re-introduced back into our ecosystem. Technology isn’t always pretty, but it certainly is necessary…”

wastewater treatment plant
levar burton

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