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Fagradalsfjall volcano, a video postcard

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Spend a quiet four minutes observing Fagradalsfjall, a tuya volcano in Iceland’s Geldingadalir valley. The Reykjavík Grapevine filmed this stunning lava-filled footage with a drone during September of 2021.

“As Fagradalsfjall finally goes quiet we’re beginning to take a look back over the lifespan of the ‘people’s volcano’, from the start of the eruption in March 2021 to its dying days… Postcards from the Volcano is a chance to review the history of what has become the longest continuous eruption in Iceland in the last 50 years, and to consider how its existence, in a year like no other, changed Iceland.”

Fagradalsfjall volcano
Fagradalsfjall volcano from above
Previously from the land of ice and fire: Daring drone and time-lapse videos from the Geldingardalsgos eruption in Fagradalsfjall.

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