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Making brown butter salted caramel doughnuts (and more) at Fan Fan Doughnuts

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How are brown butter salted caramel doughnuts made? At Fan Fan Doughnuts in Brooklyn, owner Fany Gerson and her team handmake small batch doughnuts all day long. Their flavor inspirations: Gerson’s Mexican and Jewish heritage.

This Eater video hangs out in Gerson’s shop to see how the artisanal doughnuts are made, from mixing and cutting the dough, to frying up the doughnuts—light crunch on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside—to creating the different flavors, including Passion-Mango, their popular cream cheese and guava glaze eclair, and a classic with a few flavor twists: Brown Butter Salted Caramel.

“Fan-Fan to me, I can’t even describe it into words. It’s a very personal place. It’s about community. It’s sort of going back to the roots and the essence of who I am, but also what I hope for the world for our son.

And often it’s rooted in nostalgia. I miss home a lot and that’s my way of connecting to it. We always try to have a very happy, joyous music and have a joyous kitchen. I feel you can taste that through the dough.”

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