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The Farm Next Door, a peek at urban farming in Atlanta

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The Farm Next Door: Urban Farming in Atlanta goes behind-the-scenes in the historically Black community of Oakland City with Lovey and Farmer P of Gilliam’s Community Garden and Patchwork City Farms‘ Jamila Norman. In the short film by British director Emily Anderson, the farmers share why they created sustainable urban farms within five miles of the center of Atlanta, Georgia.

eating together
Lovey and Farmer P (Jasann and Prentiss Gilliam) of Gilliam’s Community Garden are connecting their community with fresh produce through a 3-acre urban garden and educational center for kids, as well as a mobile “green machine” farmer’s market truck. They’ve recently expanded to provide dinners for the elderly. From their site:

Core to our mission is the determination to see more healthy, equitable communities across our city. We recognize that the most nutritious food must be more accessible, available and affordable to the people who most need it.

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farmers p and lovey
And from urban farmer and food activist Jamila Norman, a.k.a. Farmer J, in this Food Well Alliance video:

“For me, it’s really important to grow food here. I’m a part of this community and I want to make sure that we have really good food access, we have organic food that’s grown by people who live in this community and represent the community.”

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tending to the trees
watering the plants
Next, watch Detroit Hives: Transforming vacant Detroit lots into urban bee farms and Brooklyn’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm.

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