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Felt Love, an animation about love and hard work

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Families often struggle to balance work commitments with spending quality time together. This award-winning 2D and stop-motion animated short, created with detailed physical sets, focuses on that challenging intersection.

In Felt Love, a young boy named Bo learns to understand the depth of his mother Yue’s love and hard work “despite the distance her dedication may create.”

The 2020 film was the senior thesis project by a group of seven young women in San JosΓ© State University’s Animation and Illustration program: Arlene Bongco, Angeline Vu, Anna Chen, Celine Nguyen, Elaine Liu, Gia Duong, and Yilin Wang.

On their Kickstarter page, they wrote:

“Our film was inspired by our shared experiences of growing up in an Asian household and the relationships we have with our loved ones. The most important goal for us is to share a heartwarming story that many can relate to!”

This behind-the-scenes video features some animation layering that went into the short film’s creation.

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