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Five 3D-printed impossible figure illusions

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Impossible objects are often two-dimensional illusions that look like conundrum-inducing three-dimensional objects. They can also be three-dimensional objects that confuse viewers from a very specific angle.

This two-minute StruckDuck video shares five impossible figures, not-so-simple sculptures that were 3D-printed to defy expectations. Watch as the objects—the Neverending Staircase, the Penrose Triangle, the Reutersvärd Intersection, Stacked Side by Side, and Out and In—are turned to reveal the secrets to their true shapes.

neverending staircase
what shape is this?
Fayetteville, Arkansas-based StruckDuck explores 3D-printed illusions, crazy impossible objects, anamorphic art, and more on their YouTube channel.

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via The Awesomer.

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