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Five 3D-printed impossible figure illusions

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Impossible objects are often two-dimensional illusions that look like conundrum-inducing three-dimensional objects. They can also be three-dimensional objects that confuse viewers from a very specific angle.

This two-minute StruckDuck video shares five impossible figures, not-so-simple sculptures that were 3D-printed to defy expectations. Watch as the objectsβ€”the Neverending Staircase, the Penrose Triangle, the ReutersvΓ€rd Intersection, Stacked Side by Side, and Out and Inβ€”are turned to reveal the secrets to their true shapes.

neverending staircase
what shape is this?
Fayetteville, Arkansas-based StruckDuck explores 3D-printed illusions, crazy impossible objects, anamorphic art, and more on their YouTube channel.

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