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Carmen Amaya, Bailaoras de flamenco (1961)

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Described as “one of the hardest flamenco forms to dance due to its improvisational nature, complex rhythm, and nuanced cante,” flamenco bulerías is spontaneous and playful, yet demanding. Spanish Romani flamenco dancer and singer Carmen Amaya is celebrated for her natural skill and artistry in this form.

“I will tell you my opinion,” begins the uploader of this Televisión Española video clip, translated:

“….more than 45 years have passed, and there is no bailaor or bailaora, or guitarist, or clapper, who today makes bulerias at that speed and with that precision, with that contained fury, like a volcano that explodes and then returns to the center of the earth, and sleeps, and when Undivé wants it, it explodes again reviving our sleepy hearts.”

Carmen Amaya

More on bulerías from Wikipedia:

“It originated among the Calé Romani people of Jerez during the 19th century, originally as a fast, upbeat ending to soleares or alegrias. It is among the most popular and dramatic of the flamenco forms and often ends any flamenco gathering. The name bulerías comes from the Spanish word burlar, meaning “to mock” or bullería, “racket, shouting, din”. It is the style which permits the greatest freedom for improvisation, the metre playing a crucial role in this. Speed and agility are required and total control of rhythm as well as strength in the feet which are used in intricate tapping with toe, heel and the ball of the foot.”

Spanish Romani flamenco dancer and singer Carmen Amaya
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