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Flamingos swim with stingrays in their hydrotherapy session

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When flamingos need some exercise and pain relief for arthritic knees, hydrotherapy—swimming in a pool for physical therapy—can do the trick. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium zookeepers take Martini and excited flamingo buddy Haleakala over to the manatee building for a swim. “Pink dinosaurs crossing through,” Joy calls as they cross the street. “We kind of like to joke that they’re pink veloceraptors.”

But there’s something surprising in the pool: Stingrays on vacation. What will the flamingos think? Find out in this fun, feel-good clip from Nat Geo Wild’s Secrets of the Zoo.

flamingo hydrotherapy
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Plus: California Devil Rays Leap from the Pacific and the largest school of rays ever caught on film.

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