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Florentijn Hofman’s HippopoThames on the River Thames in London

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Hippopotamuses used to live and swim in the River Thames in London, England, and thanks to HippopoThames, a floating, wooden hippo sculpture by renowned Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, that fact is becoming better known. “HippopoThames” is a play on words, mixing the river’s name with the French word for hippopotamus: hippopotame.

Hofman is best known for his giant floating rubber duck. This most recent floating animal was inspired by a children’s book that belongs to his daughter.

The installation is a part of the Totally Thames event, on display at Nine Elms on the South Bank from September 2-28, 2014.

In the archives: more giant animals from Florentijn Hofman.

h/t designboom.

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