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Folding an origami knight from a single sheet of paper, a time-lapse

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Spend almost 20 minutes watching 41 hours of intricate folding work. This 4K time-lapse captures Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä as he folds an 18-centimeter-tall medieval knight from a single 68 x 68-centimeter square of uncut Wenzhou rice paper. A sword and shield are included.

starting with a single sheet of paper
folding the details
The origami knight required four hours of scoring and folding before Könkkölä began to collapse the layers. Wet-folding was used to create some of the details. On Instagram, he explains:

“One of the greatest challenges in this figure was the stark contrast between the shield and the sword; the sword has over 50(!) layers inside the palm of the figure, whereas the shield has only one layer on a large surface.”

the sword, a detail
the completed knight
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Bonus: Combat demonstrations in fifteenth-century suits of armor.

via Colossal.

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