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Four fox pups in an underground ‘magic tree den’

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What’s it like inside a fox den? Texas Backyard Wildlife set up a few cameras in a hollow log den that they’d assembled on their south-west Austin property. When a grey fox family arrived in May of 2020, the cameras captured the adorable animal activity.

See both night vision and color footage of the playful and cuddly family in their “underground magic tree den.”

The video shows mama fox moving one of the pups in, in the middle of the night, and we then explore the inside of the den and watch the 4 pups playing. They liked to sleep all piled up inside the hollow log entryway and then they made the main area of the den their playground. There’s lots of space there for little ones to run around.

The parent foxes know this den is a safe place for their pups – coyotes can’t get in – and they use it every year. When the adult foxes are not inside with their little ones they usually keep watch outside in the playpen area.

The video below shares some of the first footage of the pups playing outside at the den’s entrance.

playing fox pups

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