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Freaky Flowers 3: Echinopsis flowers bloom in time lapse

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Echinopsis” is the name for a large family of cacti that originally hails from the hills and mountains of South America, not the desert setting we often associate with cacti. “Echin” comes from the Latin word Ekihnos, which means both sea urchin and hedgehog… The “opsis” at the end of Echinopsis is another Latin word, one which means “resembling” or “appearance.” So Echinopsis means “hedgehog resembling” or “sea urchin appearance”, a very accurate description for this genus of cacti that are often ball shaped and sure are covered with hedgehog-like and sea urchin-esq spikes.

Greg Krehel at Echinopsis Freak films their overnight blooms, a rare view of these flowers that only last one day. Each clip of ‘Freaky Flowers 3‘ shows around 8 hours of bloom time compressed into 15-20 seconds. Flower species, including some hybrids, are identified at the end of the video. Around 130 to 150 Echinopsis cactus plants can be found in the wild.

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