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From Rotterdam to Amsterdam by boat, a time-lapse video

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Travel the Netherlands‘ famous waterways by boat with the help of this 11-minute time-lapse video set to the second movement of Antonín Dvořák‘s Symphony no. 9 (From the New World): Sailing Holland.

The Timewriters short, filmed from Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 2013, was created with 30,000 photos. A small map provides the boat’s location throughout the entire video.

boating in the netherlands' canals
Canals, moveable bridges, and locks! The video also captures other ships of sizes as they travel by the small communities that live on the water between the two Netherlands cities. How many different types of moveable bridges can you identify? See if you can spot the traditional windmills and modern wind turbines, too.

netherlands' canals time-lapse
boating in the netherlands' canals at night
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