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Animals of the Galápagos archipelago in 360° 5K

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Experience the Galápagos archipelago surrounded by its famous animal inhabitants, including the Galápagos land iguana, blue footed boobies, sea lions, and more. This AirPano video takes us to this famous Ecuadorian locale in 360° 5K.

In total, the island is inhabited by numerous species of birds (45 of them are endemics), 42 reptiles, 15 mammals and 79 species of fish. But the most famous inhabitant of the Galápagos gives the name to the whole archipelago: “Isolas de Galápagos” that means “The Island of Tortoises”. The Galápagos tortoise, also called the Elephant tortoise, is the largest living species of tortoises.

Drag the video in any direction using any modern browser or the YouTube mobile app, or watch it with a VR headset. Here’s how.

galapagos tortoise
blue footed booby
marine iguana
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