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Melting gallium spoon: It melts as you stir with it

Remember the element Gallium from this video? Then watch this gallium spoon stir… and disappear, sort of.

This spoon made from 99.998% pure gallium metal melts at 86F/30C! Great for demonstration purposes (chemistry/physics classes). After the spoon is reduced to a liquid puddle on the bottom of the cup, the gallium can easily be made solid again to make new gallium spoons (with the DIY kit), over and over!

With a melting point is 29.7646 °C or 85.5763 °F, you can melt metal in your hand, too: Get 20g of Gallium on Amazon. You can also buy a Gallium Spoon Mold + 100g of Gallium to make your own spoons. Plus, see how knives, forks, and spoons are made.

gallium spoon
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