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Galloping Starfish and their army of sniffing, tasting, gripping tube feet

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Starfish, also called sea stars, are one of the most recognizable and familiar animals in the sea. But most people have never seen them do anything more than clamp down on a rock, motionless, as they wait out a low tide.

Starfish are actually voracious predators that scour the seafloors of oceans all around the world searching for prey.

Most sea stars have five arms, though some have more — up to 25 in some species. On the undersides of the arms are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tiny tube feet called podia.

These water balloon-like tube feet are the focus of this fascinating Deep Look video from KQED and PBS Digital Studios. Learn how these podia squeeze water, secrete glue, smell, taste, touch, grip, bounce, gallop, and individually “figure out which way to go and how to get there.”

star fish bounce, via Deep Loook
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