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Giraffes Desi and Buttercup crunch on veggies

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Spend a calm minute with reticulated giraffe Desi and Masai giraffe Buttercup as they crunch on delicious vegetables. It’s easy for zoo caregivers to feed them from this elevated spot in the Oregon Zoo’s Africa Savanna habitat. From their site:

“Reticulated giraffes live in open woodlands and wooded grasslands in Somalia, northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia. “Reticulated” refers to the net-shaped pattern of their skin, which camouflages them in dense, dry vegetation.

“Masai giraffes range in the savannahs across central and southern Kenya and throughout Tanzania. They have jagged markings that look like grape or maple leaves. Masai giraffes are the tallest of the giraffe subspecies…”

eating romaine
giraffe tongue

“Giraffes browse on flowers, fruits, herbs, leaves, seeds, new shoots and vines. Using their very long, black tongues and tough lips, they eat up to 75 pounds of browse each day. They get moisture from their diet, but drink every two or three days if water is available.”

Here’s another calm and crunchy feeding time:

“The giraffe is the tallest land-based mammal in the world. Males stand up to 18 feet tall and females up to 15 feet tall. A giraffe’s necks account for more than half of its height. A giraffe has the same number of vertebrae (neck bones) as humans and other mammals do, but each is more than 10 inches long. The joint that connects the top vertebra to the skull allows the giraffe to tilt its head upward until it is almost perpendicular to the ground. This makes it easy for the giraffe to reach high into the trees for food.”

Read more about giraffes from the Oregon Zoo. They’re also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

giraffe from below
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