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Visualizing the Pyramids of Giza

With an accurate reconstruction of the Sphinx and “each and every structure” included, this model provides a fresh visualization of the Giza necropolis. Harvard Professor Peter Der Manuelian provides a tour of this 3D model. The video is called Visualizing the Pyramids, but the team attempts to explore more than the ancient buildings.

giza necropolis
Consider the colors of the Sphinx, states of the tombs and spaces at different times in history, and the people, their clothing, and their traditions:

Interesting questions come up when you do this kind of visualization, no with avatars or human characters. So there are ancient Egyptians all over the scene, but how many should there be? What should they be wearing? Where are the regular Egyptians? Are they allowed anywhere near this ceremony, or indeed are they allowed anywhere near Giza at all? Is it daytime or nighttime? Did this ceremony even take place in this temple, or in some other kind of purification tent or temporary location?

ancient egyptians
3d model room
The video is from HarvardX‘s online course Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology.

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